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We will be holding our 25th Annual CARE Fair event this
coming July 7th and 8th.

The Junior League Community Assistance and Resource Event (CARE) Fair is an annual, two-day event organized and directed by the Junior League of Salt Lake City for families needing routine medical, dental, and vision services along with community assistance information. Typically, major barriers (i.e., time, language, financial, and transportation constraints) prevent some Utah families from receiving many basic health and human services. The Junior League CARE Fair eliminates many of these barriers by bringing together community agencies and medical service providers at one time and in one place. These medical services are provided free of charge at the Junior League CARE Fair!

“CARE Fair gives us a chance to help out people who don’t necessarily have the same opportunities that we do. We take things for granted as simple as dental services, medical services, pap smears, simple things like we get the opportunity to get through our insurance, but a lot of people don’t have that opportunity.”

Brenda Mateos, Junior League CARE Fair 2016 Director

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