The Junior League is Reviewing Applications for a Legacy Project!

The Junior League Legacy Project will be a collaborative short term volunteer effort between the Junior League of Salt Lake City and another community nonprofit. This will be the second year of the a three – year initiative, and while the League is interested in strengthening ties with past projects, the Junior League is also… Read More

Become a Friend of the League!

Women in Utah need your support now more than ever! We continue to lag behind national statistics of women in leadership, including executive employment, wage gap, and political service. Yet we make up 44% of Utah’s workforce. The number of women in leadership has actually decreased in the Beehive State. The heart of the mission… Read More

Women Helping Women Boutique Closed Until May 31

Effective immediately through May 31st, the Women Helping Women Boutique will be closed. We will not be accepting donations and all boutique hours have been cancelled. We ask that right now you prioritize yourself and safety during this time.  Thank you for your patience, flexibility and calmness as we continue navigating this ever-changing situation.

5 Things to Know About Women Helping Women

Junior League of Salt Lake City’s Women Helping Women Boutique is an ongoing project in which we seek to assist women entering the workforce by providing them with free business attire. Our volunteers collect, prepare, and distribute donated professional clothing in our local boutique. We have helped more than 17,000 women since the program launched… Read More

5 More Benefits of Volunteerism

We took the occasion of a previous blog post to list five benefits of volunteerism. Our goal was to encourage readers to volunteer themselves to the local chapter of the Junior League, one of the leading sources of women’s volunteer opportunities in Salt Lake City. This post picks up where that one left off with… Read More

5 Benefits of Volunteerism

The community of women that make up the Junior League of Salt Lake City thrives on volunteerism. As a charitable organization, we could not do what we do without the volunteer efforts of the thousands of women who have come alongside us over the years. We are essentially a group of women that help build… Read More

Here’s What Effective Leadership Looks Like

Think about the worst boss you’ve ever had compared to the best boss you’ve ever had. Some key differences in effective leadership involve changing the mindset of what leadership looks like. Leaders do not drag people behind them kicking and screaming. They lead by example, taking along others on the same path in the same… Read More